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We’ll be your Lake Como wedding photographer and videographer capturing the swooning emotion and energy of the beginning of your next chapter.

Let Cadoret Studios create personalized tokens that tell your unique love story!


Poetic and rich in history, Lake Como is laced with soft beauty and gilded in glamorous grandeur providing every wedding endless tonalities of luxury. Your journey starts by boat and ends as far as lakeside lodgings go, from Villa Balbianello and its terraced gardens to Villa Pizzo’s uninterrupted views to the outside world, we are well-versed in the captivating venues that northern Italy has to offer.

Our expertise and commitment to excellence will ensure that your wedding memories are carefully preserved for a lifetime of love, joy and inspiration.

Behind Cadoret Studios

Meet Paulina & Ossa Cadoret

From their first collaborations over 15 years ago, Paulina and Ossa have specialized in weddings, couple shoots and events all over the world for a high-end clientele. They excel in digital and analog photography to provide unique, elegant and timeless images.

As co-founder, lead photographer and creative force behind Cadoret Studios, Paulina seeks to capture authenticity, beauty and emotion with a poetic and feminine touch. 

Ossa, with a Master's degree in Computer Science and Imagery, assumes the multi-hyphenate role of lead filmmaker, drone pilot and development manager at Cadoret Studios. 

They met during their studies in France, and left Paris to work in Bora Bora where they developed paulinacadoret.comBack in Europe in 2023, they founded Cadoret Studios and are based in the sunny South of France. They love beautiful destinations - France, Italy, pittoresque islands.

They have been published in world-acclaimed magazines and blogs such as Harper’s Bazaar, The Knot, Ruffled, Pacific Weddings, Trendy Bride.

Love notes

From the guestbook

“The combination of Paulina's film and digital shooting and Ossa's videography and drone gave our photoshoot a wide range of different looks and angles."

Paulina and Ossa did an amazing job capturing our wedding day. They were punctual, professional, had a great eye for photography and were also a pleasure to work with. They were friendly, relaxed, and made us feel comfortable in front of the camera. They were also very organized and made sure that everything ran smoothly on our wedding day. We are so happy with our photos and video and would highly recommend them!

— Konstantin

we specialize in fine art wedding photography and videography

Capturing the beauty of weddings in Lake Como

Lake Como is not only the cradle of natural splendor but also a favorite destination for millions of brides and grooms across the globe in search for a treasure trove of luxurious experiences. Imagine exchanging your vows against an endless expanse of shimmering waters overlooking the time-honored beauty of the Italian Alps. While there is no shortage of handsome villas, every corner of its distinctive upside down Y shape is overflowing with character and unmatched magnetism—it will be impossible to leave!

From Colico to Lecco to Como, and everywhere in between

At Cadoret Studios, we blend fine art, film and digital photography to document the exciting journey of your happily ever after. We follow in a heritage of visionaries from the magical wedding photography and videography worlds to provide a personal compilation of anecdotal family heirlooms that will live past our time. 

Our ultimate goal is creating vibrant images that are as unique as the people in the photographs.

My goal is to bring out the most beautiful aspects of your love story through visionary creative direction and careful tenderness

Paulina Cadoret


Destination wedding planning 101


Because who doesn’t dream of an unforgettable, luxury destination for their wedding, micro wedding, or elopement? Uncover the limitless potential of Italy’s stunning Lago di Como with tried-and-tested expert wedding tips from yours truly. 


If you’re considering a luxury destination for your wedding, micro wedding, or elopement—such as Lake Como—finding a local wedding planner, or one with vast experience with organizing one there, should be at the top of your list. From setting your budget expectations, negotiating and delegating funds appropriately, to brainstorming your dream wedding vibe and defining your vision, a wedding planner will help you along the way.

For instance, a luxury Lake Como wedding is best enjoyed with a 3-day event plan in mind to ensure top guest experience. Another plus? A Lake Como wedding planner will work together with professional wedding vendors to help you design a beautiful timeline for photography and video footage, venue availability, floral design, boat rides, exceptional culinary experiences, the best local jazz band… everything.

Hire an expert local wedding planner

Deciding Between A Five-Star Lakeside Hotel in Bellagio or A Storybook Villa in Lecco? 

Let’s face it: finding the perfect wedding venue isn’t easy. And perhaps Lake Como’s eclectic mix of natural beauty, stunning architecture, and all sorts of breathtaking backdrops doesn't make the process any easier…
From Bellagio to Torno, celebrities and starlets like George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Sting have been enticed to Lake Como’s magical spell, lured by the scents of wisteria mixed with the sweet spray of the lake.


If you’re reading this, you probably fell in love with Villa Erba’s Oscar-worthy lakefront grounds in Ocean’s 12, and yet, you’ve always had your eyes set on Il Sereno ever since Condé Nast Traveler’s exclusive review back in 2017, or Villa Pizzo’s sun-bleached facade from John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's wedding photos. It could also be Villa Pliniana’s secluded mirage or the two whole acres of private gardens nestled in Grand Hotel Tremezzo.  

Our advice? Seek out venues that fit your aesthetic and personality for a truly bespoke wedding experience. Find a Lake Como wedding photographer and a local wedding planner familiar with the capabilities of your favorite venue, the layout, the ideal sunlight schedule and the best locations to have your wedding pictures taken. 


Filled with generous pops of lively color and pattern, it’s safe to say Lake Como is a destination like no other, therefore finding the right wedding photographer to lens your event is as important as the wedding itself. After all, having documented memories of your celebration will allow you and your future family to look back on every special moment for decades to come.

Include Your Wedding Photographer In Every Pre-Wedding Celebration

Meeting your wedding photographer for an engagement session is the perfect opportunity to get to know one another and start feeling comfortable in front of the camera. Set some time from your for portraits, first-look and pre-ceremony sessions, and other special shots during the rehearsal dinner and post-wedding brunch.

As your wedding photographer and videographer team, Cadoret Studios is vastly familiar with Lake Como’s most captivating backdrops, from the grand dining hall at Villa del Balbianello to that secret path to the most majestic gardens at Hotel Villa D’Este.

Keep us on speed dial for any small detail decisions—we’ll help you unify your event’s overall aesthetic with your wedding venue’s unique color palette! Paulina, our lead wedding and honeymoon photographer, has a soft spot for natural light and luminous colors, combined with a solid fine art background.


We’re no strangers to hearing how fast weddings come and go. With so much going on, it’s easy for the newlywed couple, family and guests to miss some of the day’s most noteworthy happenings. Thankfully, with the help of a wedding videographer, they’ll be able to relive the special moments and genuine emotions of their nuptials in a skillfully crafted video that blends them all together.

If You Think A Wedding Is Fun, Wait Until You See The Video

Both your wedding videographer and photographer will be by your side throughout your wedding day, so you'll want someone you can trust and feel comfortable with to provide you with a seamless day-of experience. 

Try visiting Lake Como a year before your wedding to get a feel of what the weather and the atmosphere will be like for your event. Lake Como is at its most beautiful in May, June and September when the foliage is in full bloom and the temperature is right between 20 and 24 °C (68 and 75 °F); there will be plenty of sunshine throughout the day for portraits and striking aerial shots. 

March is nice too, but you’ll be greeted by a lot of storms, while July and August can be too warm and humid, filled with tourists and vacationing locals. If you’re longing for sunset portraits, keep in mind that there are specific hours in the afternoon before the sun hides behind the mountains in Lake Como. Don’t worry—we'll discuss the perfect timing for your wedding shots and come up with a schedule that works for everyone.

At Cadoret Studios we’re always looking to the outside world for inspiration. Our lead wedding videographer, Ossa, is a certified drone pilot and specializes in aerial shots, both wide and close, using only high-end cameras to ensure your wedding video is shot with unparalleled 4K quality—it’ll dazzle your guests at your future viewing party!

Stay True To Yourselves And Do Lake Como Your Way

With your wedding announcement, you’ll notice eager friends and family members sharing their experiences and wedding advice—you know it all comes from the heart! But with so many voices in your ear telling you what they think you should do or what they did, it will be easy to lose sight of your overall vision when it comes to your final wedding design. Remember: it’s your wedding, do it your way!


You can make your wedding unique and fun by adding features that are exclusive to you and your partner, while still factoring the ideal guest experience to create a truly unique and unforgettable experience. Consider what’s most important to you so you can look back and say, ‘I’m so happy we did that.’ 

Do you agree with us that your favorite Danielle Frankel dress matches Villa Sola Cabiati’s sixteenth century architecture? Get it. You want a boat ride overlooking Villa Bonomi for your post wedding photoshoot? Why not!?

It's those things that will matter the most when it’s all said and done.

Frequently asked questions

How do you find a wedding photographer in italy?

First and foremost, start by learning the style of photography your eye gravitates the most towards. You can easily get wedding photography inspiration online by visiting specialized photography websites, wedding magazines, or flipping through fashion editorials. Identifying the styles you love, as well as the ones you don’t, is key to finding the best wedding photographer or studio. 

How much does a wedding photographer cost in italy?

The average rate of a professional, fine art wedding photographer in Italy starts at 4000 €, and can go up to 20000 €. Every wedding, elopement, and portrait session is quoted on an individual basis depending on the desired services, such as photography and/or videography, coverage time, and number of guests.

The power of the unforgettable

destination wedding photographer

We have a reverence and deep admiration for celebrated historic venues. With every cobblestone pathway and sun-kissed vineyard, a destination wedding in Italy or France invites you to step into a realm where romance, diversity, and storied traditions stand the test of time. From Tuscany’s lemon blossom fragrance to the Riviera’s salty sea breeze, each region serves as a playground to turn memories into anecdotal heirlooms that live well beyond us.

Magical Wedding Destinations

Don’t just dream of an Italian wedding; allow yourself to live the experience of capturing unforgettable memories halfway across the world. Join the brides and grooms who honored their never ending love overlooking the azure waters of the Amalfi Coast, or the couples who toasted against Puglia’s idyllic scenery.

We extend our wedding destination photography services to Europe, the Pacific Islands, and every corner of the world.

Highly personal, every photo and film taken by Cadoret Studios creates masterpiece memories for beautiful souls.