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Planning your big day celebration along the French Mediterranean coast?

Let us be your French Riviera wedding photographer and videographer for that special day!

We are a dedicated storytelling and creative visionary duo based in the sunny South of France, where romance and beauty blend seamlessly like summer and wine. From the charming allure of Villa Ephrussi Rothschild in Cap Ferrat to the enchanting landscapes of Antibes, Nice, Saint-Tropez, and Monaco, we are well-versed in the captivating venues that the French Riviera has to offer.

Our expertise and commitment to excellence will ensure that your wedding memories are carefully preserved for a lifetime of love, joy and inspiration.

Les Cadoret

behind the lens

Hi, we are Paulina & Ossa

We're kindred spirits united by an innate artistic passion and commitment to creating something that will live forever—modern family heirlooms to help you and future generations relive the most fleeting and fragile experiences. 

A husband and wife team with a passion for life, a never-ending thirst for adventure, and a constant quest for something bigger, more challenging, and more inspiring.

With more than 15 years of experience as a fine art wedding photographer and videographer twosome, we’ve collaborated with over 200 couples in France, Italy and around the world, producing and curating an exceptional selection of visual mementos that celebrate life’s most cherished milestones.

It’s important to us letting our couples relax and be themselves while we work with light and angles to capture the most beautiful images of their day. Joy, pride, desire, intimacy, affection, happiness—we aim to make authentic feelings last. 

Our work balances classic fine art, cinematic photography and aerial techniques with white-glove service and high-quality personal products. 

Committed to quality, beauty, and endurance, Cadoret Studios champions masterful storytelling and the power of the unforgettable.

we specialize in fine art wedding photography and videography

Capturing the beauty of weddings on the Riviera

Celebrated for their ability to translate timeless traditions into a modern day context, Cadoret Studios carefully blends film and digital photography to document the exciting journey of your happily ever after. From their first collaborations, Paulina and Ossa Cadoret have broadened their mastery of visual storytelling following in a heritage of visionaries from the magical fine art wedding photography and videography worlds.

From your anticipated engagement to those intimate candid moments, and everything in between

Capturing beauty is a ceremony that everyone’s invited to attend. Cadoret Studios provides a personal compilation of anecdotal family heirlooms that will live past our time. Creating vibrant, luminous, fine art images that are as unique as the people in the photographs, the multidisciplinary duo specializes in destination wedding photography and filmmaking in France, the Pacific Islands, and every corner of Europe and the world.

Each job is different, so improvising and thinking on your feet makes each project unique. Keeping a rhythm when balancing fine art photography and visual storytelling is essential.

Paulina Cadoret


“Their classic aesthetic and use of natural lighting brought it all together”

Our wedding was an extraordinary experience beyond words. Paulina and Ossa made our day even more beautiful, and captured our genuine emotions and interactions naturally.

— Cynthia

“Professional, talented, responsible and artistic”

Paulina and Ossa created absolutely gorgeous pictures and video of our honeymoon, following our South of France wedding. The photo sessions were so much fun and they were a great adventure. They went above and beyond trying to help us put together our work and gave us all kinds of advice to get our wedding shot just right. 

— Peiwen

“The sweetest wedding photographer we've worked with, and the most magical photography skills”

Paulina was a fantastic photographer to work with during our wedding. She was very cooperative and captured such beautiful memories for us that will last a lifetime. Definitely one of the sweetest wedding photographers we've worked with, and the most magical photography skills.

— Amandine
Love notes

From the guestbook

Thank you so much for making this such an unforgettable experience for us.

Thank you for capturing such unique and timeless moments of happiness and love for us!

Thank you so much once again, Paulina, for shooting our dream wedding!

In particular, we loved Paulina’s creative instinct and expertise as to what would make the best couple shot—the final photos exceeded our expectations! Getting in front of the camera can be quite nerve wracking as neither of us are professional models, but Paulina and Ossa made it a fun and relaxing experience.

If you want a destination wedding photographer and videographer team that is professional, talented, responsible and artistic, then Cadoret Studios is who you need to work with. 

Enchanting backgrounds are common on the Côte d’Azur. Weddings by the sea are probably some of the most spectacular events on Earth. It's no wonder celebrities and couples alike enjoy celebrating love along the beautiful coastline in the South of France. True hidden gems like Byblos, Hyères and Grasse are blessed with jeweled backdrops.

French destination weddings offer exciting, new experiences and the opportunity for quality time with loved ones. Cadoret Studios is the evolution of Paulina and Ossa’s long history of hard-working collaboration creating custom timeless imagery for brides and grooms in destination weddings held across the world. Striking aerial drone footage, editorial style photography and cinematic film production make these exclusive secret locations feel exceptionally familiar.

A Wedding by the Sea


La Côte d'Azur

The South of France serves as a playground for creative discovery and personal experience. Every wedding photo collection is highly personal, bursting with a unique energy and style that’s meant to be shared.



Like you, we love the french riviera for many reasons. Here’s our top 5 reasons why you should consider a french riviera wedding:

When in doubt, go to the South of France!

The South of France holds a special place in our hearts as half of our family resides in Nice. Naturally, working as a wedding photographer in this picturesque region is always a great privilege and joy.

Live the unique experience of a French wedding on the riviera. The region offers incredible venues. Among our favorites: The Grand Domaine d'Azur in the Var, the Hotel Belles Rives in Cap d'Antibes, Juan les Pins or the Château de la Napoule
in Mandelieu

01. Stunning Natural Beauty

Also known as the Côte d'Azur, the French Riviera is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, with azure blue waters, golden sandy beaches, and picturesque coastal cliffs. Providing an ideal backdrop for your wedding festivities, the region boasts a blend of Mediterranean charm and glamorous allure.

02. Enchanting Venues

Dipped in pastel pink with intricate architectural detailing, Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild is one of the most romantic and simply dreamy locations on the Riviera.

From centuries-old castles and swoon-worthy villas, to exclusive resorts and boutique hotels, the French Riviera offers an array of enchanting venues to suit every style and taste. Your dream wedding awaits you with a variety of possibilities, whether it's a fairytale castle or on a luxury beachfront.

03. Sunny Weather

The gentle Mediterranean climate grants long, sun-drenched days and blissful temperatures all year round. Sunny weather makes an outdoor wedding a delightful option for couples seeking a lifeless alfresco celebration.

04. Avant-Garde Culinary Delights

The French Riviera is known for its exquisite seafood, fresh local produce, fine wines and decadent desserts. The region's unique gastronomy will add that special touch to your South of France wedding.

05. Cultural Richness

The French Riviera embraces you with its captivating history and rich cultural heritage. Experience the joy of strolling through charming old towns and indulge in its vibrant nightlife to ignite your spirit for celebration.

The French Riviera and Provence regions are synonymous with luxury and romance, making them ideal destinations for a truly captivating and memorable wedding abroad.

Frequently asked questions

Where are you based?

We’re happy to call the South of France our home. When we’re not working at our photo and video studio, we spend time between Provence, the French RivieraParis, and Italy.

Can we book just one service, or do we have to book both?

Our partnership is at the core of Cadoret Studios, but we may work separately at times to offer individual photography and videography services. We also work with other skilled photo and video teams to provide a smooth and stress-free experience for our brides and grooms.

How and when will we receive our photos and film?

Your final wedding prints and digitals will be ready within 4 to 6 weeks after your big day. Every wedding album is personally curated upon careful selection and expert editing processes. Approximately, we provide between 40 and 60 images per hour. We ensure your film is captured with exceptional 4K quality. You will enjoy the cinematic experience on big screens or on smaller devices.

How do you price your photo and film services?

Each wedding is different and comes with its own particular set of needs. We quote every wedding, elopement, and portrait session on an individual basis depending on desired services, such as photography and/or videography, coverage time, and number of guests. Contact us and we will gladly assist you in making the best choice for your dream event.

Do you shoot film or digital?

Both. Being confident in both mediums allows us to bring digital and film cameras to your special day, and select the best option for every frame. Film creates exquisite timeless photographs akin to fine art paintings, while digital offers complete control over the pictures and lets us dance in and out during your “I Dos” with optimal discretion. We combine masterful editing techniques and a wide range of elegant photography skills to deliver flawless consistency. Visit our Portfolio to learn more about our style and distinct approach to photography.

Do you use drones?

Striking aerial shots add a captivating and spectacular touch to your wedding album. Cadoret Studios’ lead filmmaker, Ossa, is a certified drone pilot for commercial use. However, drone usage depends on factors like location, venue permissions, and weather conditions. We'd love to hear more about your event so we can make the necessary preparations to incorporate aerial drone footage.

Do you have backup equipment?

Absolutely. We use professionally maintained equipment only for both video and photography. Our gear is compatible with both photo and video, and we guarantee that everything is redundantly backed up. In the event of a technical issue with one device, we always have three others available as backups.

Do you record the audio?

Yes, we do record audio. For speeches, we use a lavalier microphone (also known as lav, or lapel mic) on the groom, plus a backup on the officiant, and connect it to the DJ soundboard. We will use any recorded audio that enhances the story in the final film.

The power of the unforgettable

Magical Wedding Destinations

destination wedding photographer

We have a reverence and deep admiration for celebrated historic venues.
From the captivating energy of slow-paced Provence to the unparalleled romance of buzzing Paris and the breathtaking
storied landscapes of Italy, each location serves as a playground to turn timeless traditions into anecdotal heirlooms that live
well beyond us. Don’t just dream of a French wedding; allow yourself to live the experience of capturing unforgettable wedding memories halfway across the world. Join the brides and grooms who honored their love overlooking the azure waters of the French Riviera, or the couples who toasted against the idyllic Bordeaux scenery. 

We extend our wedding destination photography services to Europe, the Pacific Islands, and every corner of the world.

Highly personal, every photo and film taken by Cadoret Studios creates masterpiece memories for beautiful souls. 


Let’s make
beautiful memories

Capturing beauty is a ceremony that everyone’s invited to attend. But, as we always say, no two weddings are the same. We quote every wedding, elopement, and portrait session on an individual basis. Connect with us today—we're always happy to assist you in selecting the best solution for your budget and needs.

Cadoret Studios will help you make the right choice for your dream event.

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