How much does a wedding photographer cost in italy?


Are you considering hiring a wedding photographer for your wedding in Italy?
Here, you will find essential insights to understand how the wedding photographer, location, venue and guest count impact wedding photography pricing in one of the world's most refined wedding destinations: Italy!

Your Investment

When it comes to wedding planning, there's a lot of effort involved, particularly in the early stages. The fees for hiring a wedding photographer can vary depending on the photographer experience, the location/venue, the value, and expertise. The average rate of a professional, fine art wedding photographer in Italy starts at 4000 €, and can go up to 20000 €. Every wedding, elopement, and portrait session is quoted on an individual basis depending on the desired services, such as photography and/or videography, coverage time, and number of guests. 

Hiring a wedding photographer in Italy
-and a videographer will not be based on cost alone

When hiring a destination photographer, your decision will not be based on cost alone. An entire day of wedding photography entails constantly varying lighting conditions, and you only get one opportunity to capture many important moments. Consider all technical factors such as pre and post-production services like natural retouching, artful editing, clear sound engineering, color correction, creative direction, and top-of-the-line equipment usage, just to name a few. 

Destination Wedding Options in Italy

Unique style, industry experience, and familiarity with your desired destination, venues, wedding planners, and other vendors will help you narrow down your options to make the perfect choice for your nuptials.  

Budget: Get the best final results from your professional wedding storytellers 

We know that working with an amateur photographer, a friend or a relative with a camera might sound tempting in order to lower the costs of your wedding abroad. However, we highly advise allocating a healthy percentage of your budget plan towards professional wedding storytellers to get the best final results. 
Remember: weddings may last for just a moment but photographs and videos can make memories last forever. Magic doesn’t just happen in paradise without the help of an excellent wedding photographer and videographer to capture it! Invest in wedding photos you absolutely cannot live without.

The Cost of Wedding Photography in Italy: Understanding How Location and Guest Count Impact Pricing

Wedding photographer costs also vary based on the location of your wedding and this is easy to understand why.
For example, if you are planning to get married in Italy, you have probably googled and discovered the best Italian wedding venue on articles written by the most famous magazines and blogs, like The Condé Nast Traveler -  "The Best Wedding Venues in Italy, Whether You're Inviting 80 Guests or 250". You can suppose that  the best wedding photographers will propose their services in the same range prices, as the service offered by the photographer must be up to the standards of a 5-star hotel.

Also, if you're planning a small elopement ceremony for two at Lake Como, the rates will not be the same as for a wedding with 300+ guests, where a larger team of photographers and videographers will be needed to cover an event of that scale. Especially since more preparation will be required beforehand with the wedding planner.
Beginner / novice

0€ - €500


500€ - €1,500


1500€ - €2,500


2,600€ - €3,600


€3,800 - €6,000