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Can’t think of a better backdrop for your big day than the City of Light?
We’ll be honored to be your Paris wedding photographer and videographer in some of the most captivating, world-famous locations.

based in France

Let the hypnotic ripples of the Seine hold you spellbound, or get lost in the manicured gardens of Versailles. The radiant tangle of streets that wind through the capital's breathtaking arrondissements will lend an exciting charm to your surprise proposal, engagement and wedding celebrations in its most romantic form.

Let us make your wedding experience one to remember!

Our expertise and commitment to excellence will ensure that those precious fleeting memories are carefully preserved for a lifetime of love, joy and inspiration.

Behind Cadoret Studios

About Paulina & Ossa Cadoret

From their first collaborations over 15 years ago, Paulina and Ossa have specialized in weddings, couple shoots and events all over the world for a high-end clientele. They excel in digital and analog photography to provide unique, elegant and timeless images.

As co-founder, lead photographer and creative force behind Cadoret Studios, Paulina seeks to capture authenticity, beauty and emotion with a poetic and feminine touch. 

Ossa, with a Master's degree in Computer Science and Imagery, assumes the multi-hyphenate role of lead filmmaker, drone pilot and development manager at Cadoret Studios. 

They met during their studies in France, and left Paris to work in Bora Bora where they developed paulinacadoret.comBack in Europe in 2023, they founded Cadoret Studios and are based in the sunny South of France. They love beautiful destinations - France, Italy, pittoresque islands.

They have been published in world-acclaimed magazines and blogs such as Harper’s Bazaar, The Knot, Ruffled, Pacific Weddings, Trendy Bride.

From The Perfect Proposal To A Stunning Engagement Soirée in Paris

In Paris, every grand boulevard offers the opportunity to express your undying affection to your better half. Stolen kisses come alive with the Louvre Museum or the Petit Palais as witnesses. The Eiffel Tower’s twinkling background SEEN from the Trocadéro lends a magical glow to your engagement shoot, while the sweeping views of the city from Pont Alexandre III atop the Seine put a soft focus on your pre-wedding celebrations. Let curiosity guide you through majestic palaces, castles and cathedrals—the Palais-Royal and Notre-Dame will never fail you—and embrace the grounded feeling that les jardins du Luxembourg and Tuileries have to offer.   

The city of Love

Getting married in France offers a host of exciting, new experiences and the chance to spend quality time with family and friends. The City of Light unveils an ode to classic romanticism that continues to captivate today’s global clientele. Cadoret Studios is the evolution of Paulina and Ossa’s long history of hard-working collaboration creating custom timeless imagery for brides and grooms in destination weddings held across the world. Striking aerial drone footage, editorial style photography and cinematic film production make these exclusive secret locations feel exceptionally familiar.



Just 30 minutes away from central Paris, the cultural city of Versailles claims relevance in French heritage. Its striking grandeur highlights the pared back sensibility of pre-wedding festivities, from spectacular marriage proposals to intimate engagement sessions.

Pre-Wedding Inspiration photoshoot

When it comes to integrating traditional elements to life-long memories, it’s all about a deft mix of context and a good eye for creative alchemy. At the Palace of Versailles, sunlight ranges from warm yellow to burnt orange, comforting moments spellbound against the world’s best polished gardens, while gilded reflections swaddle your embrace in love and romance.   

And despite its grand allure, Versailles feels incredibly warm and inviting, influencing our senses with its visual trickery. Take the estate of Trianon, for example, home to the Grand Trianon and Petit Trianon palaces, as well as the Queen’s Hamlet and a variety of ornamental gardens that add a unique charm to every single bride and groom shot.

"Paulina was a fantastic photographer to work with during our wedding. She was very cooperative and captured such beautiful memories for us that will last a lifetime. Definitely one of the sweetest wedding photographers we've worked with, and the most magical photography skills. Thank you so much once again, Paulina, for shooting our dream wedding!"

— Amandine

"We really enjoyed every second working together with Paulina as our wedding photographer! During the wedding ceremony, she was always pretty good at capturing the perfect moments while we had all the time in the world to focus on ourselves. During our wedding shoot afterwards, she gave us so many valuable suggestions in terms of acting and looking while we had the shooting. When we received the results of our photo shoot, we were impressed, the pictures were even better than expected! Paulina's personal touch in editing pictures is incredible."

— Marcus

"Paulina and Ossa are a dream team to work with!  They listen carefully to your expectations and offer insightful suggestions to achieve them. We have always been pleased with their work and feel confident that our goals will be met on every project. They are also kind and patient, which is always appreciated during a time sensitive and stressful shoot!"

— Kelly

For A Spectacle of Enchanting Symphony



The skilled hands of 17th-century French Baroque architecture brought to life a royal fantasy fit for extravagant weddings of the new millennium. A private estate of theatrical dimensions, Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte hosts furnished interiors, majestic gardens, a carriage museum and candlelit fountain displays that dial up the optical inquiry of your big day.


A storybook vision located about 50 kilometers north of Paris, Château de Chantilly pairs its traditional tinge with a contemporary edge. Surrounded by equestrian tradition, a grounding forest, and gardens that fuse eras, styles, and designs, this historic residence offers a pattern play that makes your wedding photographs and video sing.


For weddings, iconic Parisian landmarks unlock endless inspiration thanks to their lavish interiors and fairytale décor. The Palais Garnier, also known as Opéra Garnier, makes a poignant statement with its breathtaking Grand Staircase and Main Auditorium, accompanied by a choir of salons, foyers, and intimate rotondes that will orchestrate an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.


Moody tones, touchable textures, and stunning European charm just a short 40 minute trip from the heart of Paris. Having staged some of the most anticipated weddings, elopements and engagement parties over the past few decades, Château de Villette continues to garner attention since its construction in the 17th-century. Surrounded by splendid gardens and sprawling woodlands, this beautiful venue plays host to a wedding celebration like no other.


It’s true that in France you can find a bevy of beauties that are sure to warm the hearts of your beloved, but is there anything more spectacular than the showstopping beauty of The Ritz Paris? In close proximity to the city’s most famous icons, this not-so-hidden gem boasts a roaring facade, luxurious interiors and a notable energy that translates life’s defining moments into treasured memories. Suits intimate ceremonies and large weddings alike.  


In today’s always-on culture, there’s no denying that when we want to go beyond the hype to the source of true creation, there’s only one place we can turn to: museums. Musée Rodin is filled with artworks that reflect the charm of the hand and the power of substance. Imagine exchanging vows before Rodin’s majestic sculptures, or Van Gogh’s sweeping swirls of color at your wedding, cocktail party or reception—let’s make it happen.



A peaceful 19th-century haven found outside Paris, Château Bouffémont is the quintessential location for destination weddings, romantic getaways, and vow renewals. Its sumptuous grounds continue the jardin à la française conversation into unique artistic territory, while the intricately crafted decoration and construction of its grand reception halls bear witness to the magic of your forever-love.



Standing resolutely apart from the masses, L’abbaye des Vaux-de-Cernay exudes a sense of historical timelessness and elegant finesse. Host to carefully preserved ancient ruins, gorgeous paved terrasses, and a sunlit lake, the abbey’s extensive grounds offer an artful alternative to your marriage celebrations. 

Overlooking the Eiffel Tower and the Seine in the 16th arrondissement, stands one of the most magical locations the city has to offer: the Shangri-La Paris. This glamorous hotel is the perfect venue for marriage proposals, grand weddings, and private elopements reimagined into life-long modern heirlooms. Uniting emotional and aesthetic impact, its lush interiors and palatial allure add an unbeatable, atmospheric glow to your I DOs.

A beautiful estate in the countryside between Paris and Normandy, Château de Dangu offers a lavish setting to your wedding celebrations, from proposal to reception. Its welcoming appeal sits on 350 acres of picturesque grounds that houses a grand staircase, spacious salons, and a charming library to accommodate a beautiful, exclusive event. 

Frequently asked questions

Where are you based?

We’re happy to call France our home. When we’re not working at our photo and video studio, we spend time between France in Paris, Provence, the French Riviera and Italy.

Can we book just one service, or do we have to book both?

Our partnership is at the core of Cadoret Studios, but we may work separately at times to offer individual photography and videography services. We also work with other skilled photo and video teams to provide a smooth and stress-free experience for our brides and grooms.

How and when will we receive our photos and film?

Your final wedding prints and digitals will be ready within 4 to 6 weeks after your big day. Every wedding album is personally curated upon careful selection and expert editing processes. Approximately, we provide between 40 and 60 images per hour. We ensure your film is captured with exceptional 4K quality. You will enjoy the cinematic experience on big screens or on smaller devices.

How do you price your photo and film services?

Each wedding is different and comes with its own particular set of needs. We quote every wedding, elopement, and portrait session on an individual basis depending on desired services, such as photography and/or videography, coverage time, and number of guests. Contact us and we will gladly assist you in making the best choice for your dream event.

Do you shoot film or digital?

Both. Being confident in both mediums allows us to bring digital and film cameras to your special day, and select the best option for every frame. Film creates exquisite timeless photographs akin to fine art paintings, while digital offers complete control over the pictures and lets us dance in and out during your “I Dos” with optimal discretion. We combine masterful editing techniques and a wide range of elegant photography skills to deliver flawless consistency. Visit our Portfolio to learn more about our style and distinct approach to photography.

Do you use drones?

Striking aerial shots add a captivating and spectacular touch to your wedding album. Cadoret Studios’ lead filmmaker, Ossa, is a certified drone pilot for commercial use. However, drone usage depends on factors like location, venue permissions, and weather conditions. We'd love to hear more about your event so we can make the necessary preparations to incorporate aerial drone footage.

Do you have backup equipment?

Absolutely. We use professionally maintained equipment only for both video and photography. Our gear is compatible with both photo and video, and we guarantee that everything is redundantly backed up. In the event of a technical issue with one device, we always have three others available as backups.

Do you record the audio?

Yes, we do record audio. For speeches, we use a lavalier microphone (also known as lav, or lapel mic) on the groom, plus a backup on the officiant, and connect it to the DJ soundboard. We will use any recorded audio that enhances the story in the final film.

How do I confirm my wedding date?

Once you have confirmed your date and selected your collection, we will provide you with a photography contract for your review. To secure your date, we kindly request that you sign and return the contract within approximately one week. Upon receiving the signed contract and a 50% photography retainer, your wedding date will be officially booked.

Let’s make
beautiful memories

Capturing beauty is a ceremony that everyone’s invited to attend. But, as we always say, no two weddings are the same. We quote every wedding, elopement, and portrait session on an individual basis. Connect with us today—we're always happy to assist you in selecting the best solution for your budget and needs.

Cadoret Studios will help you make the right choice for your dream event.