Founded and designed by Kelly Hinerava Bailey, Hinerava Jewelry is a contemporary luxury line focused on unique, elegant compositions that highlight the rare beauty of Tahitian pearls with timeless appeal and quality craftsmanship. Set with stunning precious gems, the brand’s select investment essentials include lustrous necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that feel assuredly stylish, not to mention a sustainable choice.

Hinerava Jewelry

Our creative collaboration with Kelly is rooted in 6+ years of mutual admiration, which continues to unfold with every editorial campaign we produce and direct for Hinerava Jewelry since 2019.

Editorial Photography

— kelly hinerava bailey,
hinerava jewelry ceo & designer

“Paulina and Ossa are a dream team to work with! They listen carefully to your expectations and offer insightful suggestions to achieve them. We have always been pleased with their work and feel confident that our goals will be met on every project. They are also kind and patient, which is always appreciated during a time sensitive and stressful shoot!”

diving into a brand’s DNA and reinterpreting its vision through our lenses MAKES US HAPPIER

The inspiration for Hinerava Jewelry’s 1st editorial photoshoot in 2019/2020 came directly from the surrounding wild foliage found in Tetiaroa - Marlon Brando's island, a hidden place bearing an unforgettable natural character that lends itself to endless creative exploration. We could not be more excited with how this campaign magically came together—certainly one for the books!