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Let Cadoret Studios capture the energy that washes over your wedding day.

As your trusted Italy wedding photographer and videographer we’ll bring your love to life in breathtaking imagery for the books. We are a dedicated storytelling and creative visionary duo based in the sunny South of France, in strategic proximity to Europe’s top romantic destinations.

True to the spirit of history’s greatest love legends, best in show Italian weddings exude an effortless, dolce far niente calm. From the cozy, countryside corners of Tuscany, the southern azure waters that hug the Amalfi Coast, to the panoramic vistas of Lake Como and the colorful charm of the Italian Riviera, we are well-versed in the captivating venues that Italy has to offer. 

Our expertise and commitment to excellence will ensure that your wedding memories are carefully preserved for a lifetime of love, joy and inspiration.

Les Cadoret

in Italian paradise

behind the lens

Hi, we are Paulina & Ossa

We're kindred spirits united by an innate artistic passion and commitment to creating something that will live forever—modern family heirlooms to help you and future generations relive the most fleeting and fragile experiences. 

A husband and wife team with a passion for life, a never-ending thirst for adventure, and a constant quest for something bigger, more challenging, and more inspiring.

With more than 15 years of experience as a fine art wedding photographer and videographer twosome, we’ve collaborated with over 200 couples in France, Italy and around the world, producing and curating an exceptional selection of visual mementos that celebrate life’s most cherished milestones.

It’s important to us letting our couples relax and be themselves while we work with light and angles to capture the most beautiful images of their day. Joy, pride, desire, intimacy, affection, happiness—we aim to make authentic feelings last. 

Our work balances classic fine art, cinematic photography and aerial techniques with white-glove service and high-quality personal products. 

Committed to quality, beauty, and endurance, Cadoret Studios champions masterful storytelling and the power of the unforgettable.

Love notes

From the guestbook

“Paulina captures precious moments; her technique makes them seem just unbelievable!”

Paulina's work is just the perfect combination of elegant, timeless, romantic, refined and beautiful. Each image tells a story that just by being there you wouldn’t be able to share it or express it as she does. I highly recommend Paulina to capture any moment of your life you want to remember. She will be the best at it and share these exceptional experiences through her pictures. 

Definitely my favorite photographer to highlight the beauty of life.

— Alex

we specialize in fine art wedding photography and videography

Capturing the beauty of weddings in Italy

A beautiful life starts here. Offering a unique, remote experience for luxury weddings, Italy is host to the perfect locations for adventurous hopeless romantics, old-world explorers, and glitz-fest enthusiasts. Set in a warm palette of golden splendor, the country radiates with cultural intrigue and historic charm that allows the eye to feast from one fleeting moment to the next.

From romantic escapes to far-flung destination affairs, and everything in between

At Cadoret Studios, we blend fine art, film and digital photography to document the exciting journey of your happily ever after. We follow in a heritage of visionaries from the magical wedding photography and videography worlds to provide a personal compilation of anecdotal family heirlooms that will live past our time. 

Our ultimate goal is creating vibrant images that are as unique as the people in the photographs.

Our passion lies in immortalizing your love story. It is our goal to make sure your wedding memories remain with you for lifetimes to come.

Paulina Cadoret



…So You Can Celebrate Your Wedding


On or near water, capturing a couple’s union against stunning contouring hillsides overlooking the sea is an extraordinary experience. Nestled between the mountains and the Tyrrhenian Sea, Liguria is the small—but mighty—crescent-shaped region of Italy that borders France and makes up the Mediterranean enclave known as the Italian Riviera

The Riviera’s magnetic allure thrives in its rustic sensibility and the contemporary charm of its coastal towns.

Dip your toes in the breathtaking scenery of Cinque Terre’s pastel-colored villages articulate a romantic tension between light and texture. Our recommendations? The crystal clear waters surrounding Portovenere’s Fortress Umberto I create an imposing medieval atmosphere, while Belmond Splendido in Portofino and Imperiale Palace Hotel in Santa Margherita Ligure are sure to satisfy the most luxurious of cravings. 


An intimate engagement session can only be achieved by trusting your instincts, finding a paradise of small Italian towns, and having the right photography and film team by your side. Down south where the Tyrrhenian meets the Gulf of Salerno is one of the world's most famous coastlines of the Mediterranean: the Amalfi Coast.

We’re confident that the Costiera will unravel wellsprings of inspiration for your photoshoot. Perched on steep terraced hills you’ll find the idyllic town of Ravello, Positano’s picturesque scene with the perfect surprise proposal potential, Amalfi’s panoramic mountainside, and sweet Sorrento overlooking the Bay of Naples. While we’re there, why don’t we take a boat to Capri Island and capture your romance in Anacapri’s relaxing atmosphere by day as we end the night with Capri’s lively fireworks? Our striking drone footage will serve as the canvas of your love.  

Every wedding photo collection is highly personal, bursting with a unique energy and style that’s meant to be shared.



Bask Under The Tuscan Sun, Or Take Your First Steps To Forever In Florence

Have you ever witnessed the transformative power of a place so charming it sparks beautiful conversations and serves as host to pure skin-deep emotions? Tuscany stands as a testament of love's timeless allure. Its rolling hills adorned by vineyards, ancient olive groves, and charming medieval villages paint a masterpiece of countryside elegance and terracotta romance in the golden glow of the setting sun.

For couples with a taste for storied scenery, San Gimignano’s gentle embrace elevates weddings, elopements and civil ceremonies to an ethereal realm. Elegance dances with history in Florence, while Siena takes your dreams center stage and Pienza’s finest architecture will accompany you from the first steps of your new wedded life.

What’s not to love?

Dial Up The Cozy With A Luxurious Earlymoon in Lake Como

An early pre-wedding getaway is the ideal scenario for soon-to-be-married couples needing to unplug from the stress involved in the planning process. On restful romantic escapes, brides and grooms can rekindle their intimacy hidden away in Italian paradise
—what a time for a magical photoshoot!

Lake Como is an oasis of peace, quiet, and artistry nestled among the cradling embrace of the majestic Alps. Its verdant peaks cling to the perimeter of the lake’s deep blue waters creating a stunning backdrop primed for timeless shelf-life. Let us capture the magic of your romance in the famous ancient town of Bellagio, the beautiful lakeside of Villa Monastero at Varenna, or the manicured gardens of Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo. Refined and elegant couples will feel right at home in some of the most luxurious places on Earth. 

Serenade Your Love In Ancient Roman Grounds

Rome’s grandeur emerges in an eternal symphony of love. There is so much artistry exhibited in glorious capital and treasures, from archeological sites such as the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. Imagine the whispers of the Trevi Fountain serenading your union, the Sistine Chapel offering unparalleled views of the Roman skyline, and the opulence of the quiet gardens of Aventine Hill adorning your memories forever.

You’ll be in good company: the city's cobbled alleys lead to hidden gems, each corner revealing stories of love that have echoed through the centuries. Whether you have your heart set on an intimate civil wedding or a grand nuptial gathering, each photograph and video we take of you in this sprawling warm town will be etched in the marble of time. 

Weddings & Elopements

The organization and communication in advance was very uncomplicated. The delivered pictures and the video are simply amazing


— Daniella

Harness Unforgettable Venetian Energy For Your Next Chapter

We are of the belief that every single element in your wedding should tell the story of your union. Right from the outset, Venice offers couples not only a picture-perfect setting, but also an unforgettable opportunity for their guests to see one of the world's most beautiful cities. The major plus-side of the equation: there’s no shortage of captivating backgrounds. 

Water-borne palaces, iconic churches, and bridges suspended over countless canals dotted with gondolas abound—the hard part is falling in love with only one. From civil ceremonies at Palazzo Cavalli to religious celebrations at St. Mark’s Basilica and Palazzo Papadopoli reflected in the shimmering waters of the Grand Canal, Venice's timeless allure provides the perfect stage for couples in search of eternal golden blessings.

Set Foot In Puglia And Carve Your Love In Baroque Stone

The heel of Italy’s boot boasts golden coastlines, steep cliffs, and turquoise-blue waters. The region? Puglia. In Puglia, wedding photographs and videos are graced by nature's artistry: a breathtaking display of sunlight paints a sweeping warm canvas, while white-washed architecture overlooks the sea.

A perfect blend of rustic charm and sophistication can be found in Puglia's traditional masserie and charming trulli houses in Alberobello, majestic rocky beaches in Peschici and Vieste, and the dramatic southern coastlines in Otranto. The exotic scenery perfectly fits couples in search for a wide range of idyllic locations for their Italian wedding. 

Frequently asked questions

How do you find a wedding photographer in italy?

First and foremost, start by learning the style of photography your eye gravitates the most towards. You can easily get wedding photography inspiration online by visiting specialized photography websites, wedding magazines, or flipping through fashion editorials. Identifying the styles you love, as well as the ones you don’t, is key to finding the best wedding photographer or studio. 

How much does a wedding photographer cost in italy?

The average rate of a professional, fine art wedding photographer in Italy starts at 4000 €, and can go up to 20000 €. Every wedding, elopement, and portrait session is quoted on an individual basis depending on the desired services, such as photography and/or videography, coverage time, and number of guests.

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The power of the unforgettable

destination wedding photographer

We have a reverence and deep admiration for celebrated historic venues. With every cobblestone pathway and sun-kissed vineyard, a destination wedding in Italy or France invites you to step into a realm where romance, diversity, and storied traditions stand the test of time. From Tuscany’s lemon blossom fragrance and Rome’s meaty landmarks, to the Riviera’s salty sea breeze and Lake Como’s sweet sun-kissed palette, each region serves as a playground to turn memories into anecdotal heirlooms that live well beyond us.

Magical Wedding Destinations

Don’t just dream of an Italian wedding; allow yourself to live the experience of capturing unforgettable memories halfway across the world. Join the brides and grooms who honored their never ending love overlooking the azure waters of the Amalfi Coast and the storybook scenery of Positano, or the couples who toasted against Puglia’s idyllic scenery and Sicily’s candy-colored coated sunsets.

We extend our wedding destination photography services to Europe, the Pacific Islands, and every corner of the world.

Highly personal, every photo and film taken by Cadoret Studios creates masterpiece memories for beautiful souls. 


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