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Masterful Wedding Photography & Videography

Meet us

 CO-FOUNDER Paulina & Ossa

For 15 years, we've been dedicated to creating unforgettable memories through photographs and films.
Our photojournalistic approach is characterized by a soft, poetic, spectacular and feminine energy and style. We strive to capture the unique essence of each wedding in a timeless and elegant way and to offer a personal collection of family heirlooms.

About Paulina

Co-founder, lead photographer, editor and creative force behind Cadoret Studios

Paulina has been fascinated by the visual arts since her childhood. She studied art history and photography.

She is a photographer with a soft spot for natural light and luminous colors and she’s in love with dreamy destinations. She has a meticulous eye for all the details, photography locations, the right light and moments of a wedding and each event. 

Her goal is to create a relaxed, natural atmosphere, allowing couples to be themselves, while she skillfully plays with light and angles.

The signature of Paulina is to combine fine art and aerial techniques to capture poetic, elegant, luminous and timeless images in spectacular places.  

About Ossa

Owner, lead videographer, drone pilot and development manager at Cadoret Studios

Ossa, with a Master's degree in computer science and imagery, assumes the multi-hyphenate role of lead filmmaker, drone pilot and development manager at Cadoret Studios. 

He collaborated with Netflix, Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. and ARIIX and created all film collection for

He loves unconventional shots and stunning, inspiring landscapes. He always seeks to capture the unique story of each couple and narrate it through breathtaking, timeless, and poetic imagery.

His aim is to reflect the essence of each wedding and its personality in every video, ensuring that every production is truly unique.

Ossa's desire is to fashion a true piece of art for every celebration capturing attention, bringing joy, and maintaining timeless allure.

Paulina and Ossa believe in the power of the visual: not only is a good photograph an object of beauty and art, but it can also revive the most fleeting and fragile life experience. Joy, pride, desire, intimacy, affection, happiness – they aim to make them last. 

Together, during a few years, they founded and worked for the brand which is the leader in photography and videography throughout French Polynesia.

They are based in Paris and the sunny South of France. They love beautiful destinations - France, Italy, pittoresque islands.

They have been published in world-acclaimed magazines and blogs such as Harper’s Bazaar, The Knot, Ruffled, Pacific Weddings, Trendy Bride and we have won international prizes such as Fearless and ISPWP.